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Historique du groupe Rector Lesage

The successful alliance between the Lesage group and the RECTOR brand

 Foundation of the Oscar Lesage tile works in Mulhouse
1953 Foundation of RECTOR S.A., patent and trademark registration for the RECTOR prestressed concrete joist by the Costamagna Processes team in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
Regarding the RECTOR brand name, the first suggested trade name was Record, it was then changed to Rectiligne (Rectilinear in English) and finally to its present name, to highlight the quality of its products, the staff’s upright business conduct, and the permanent commitment to innovation.
1960 Production of the RECTOR prestressed joist by the Oscar Lesage tile works in Mulhouse
1976 Foundation of Lesage Préfabrication S.A.
1993 RECTOR company buyout by the Lesage Group in Mulhouse
2004 Lesage préfabrication absorbs Rector SA and becomes Rector Lesage

Innovation according to RECTOR


Launch of the RECTOR notched joist.

1995 Launch of the current RS prestressed joist
2004 Launch of the RECTOLIGHT floor
2005 Launch of the RECTOR pre-walls
2006 Launch of the THERMOPREDALLE, the pre-slab with thermal bridge breakdown
2007 Launch of the IPSEO insulating floors range

RECTOR present everywhere in France


Start of the RECTOR pre-slabs production in Strasbourg

1988 Second poduction unit for pre-slabs in Courcelles-sur-Seine (27)
2002 New production hall for industrial beams in Voreppe (38)
2003 Creation of a production site in Tournefeuille close to Toulouse (31)

Creation of a production unit for pre-walls in Courcelles-sur-Seine

Creation of the Rector school and training centre in Verberie (60)

2006 Takeover of the Société de Préfabrication de l'Ouest (SPO) in Briec-de-l'Odet (29)
2007 Inauguration of a new production site in Berre l'Etang (13)
2008  Extension of the Ravel (63) site and creation of new production units (pre-walls and pre-slabs)
2009  Launch of a production unit for pre-walls in Nantes (44)

In France, the Rector Lesage Group currently includes 13 plants: Longueil Sainte-Marie (60), Weyersheim (67), Mulhouse (68), Courcelles-sur-Seine (27), Couëron (44), Voreppe (38), Ravel (63), Draguignan (83), Andancette (26), Briec (29)
and the most recent ones, Tournefeuille (31), Contes (06) and Berre l'Etang (13).

Rector also has 7 agencies and depots: Avrainville (91), Hagondange (57), Mérignac (33) and Brive-la-Gaillarde (19), Ludres (54), Saint Thibery (34) and Toulon (83).

RECTOR - the European dimension


Takeover of the Koraton company in Courtrai in Belgium

 Creation of the RECTOR Polska sales subsidiary in Zawiercie in Poland

Creation a production site at Chzranow, in south of Poland (Silesia) near Cracow.

Abroad, besides the production unit of RECTOR Benelux Koraton at Courtrai (B) and the latest plant of RECTOR Polska at Chzranow (PL), there is also a licensee, CZ NORD, in the Czech Republic.