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Our Human Resources Policy

A word from our President



“In a market increasingly more demanding, RECTOR distinguishes itself by its proximity with its customers and by a recognised professionalism.

What makes us different? It is the know-how, the experience and the involvement of all our staff members!

For cultivating this difference, we have to develop the skills of each of us, collect and transmit the knowledge of more experienced persons to newcomers and integrate the knowledge that we will require in the future.

In this spirit we recruit every year a hundred persons from all over France, Belgium and Poland.

Together, we will build our success.”


Chairman and Managing Director of the RECTOR LESAGE Group


5 good reasons for joining us



RECTOR, an industrial group with high growth rate

  • More than 950 staff members,
  • 16 production sites in France, Belgium and Poland,
  • 220 million euros turnover in 2008,
  • About a hundred persons recruited every year

Steadily growing since 2000, the RECTOR LESAGE group invests 15% of its turnover in Research and in its industrial tool. This determined growth has led among others to the creation of two new production units at Tournefeuille in 2004 and at Berre l’Etang in 2006 and to the extension of the Ravel site in 2008.



A European future

With its production sites located all over France and Belgium, RECTOR is now turning resolutely towards Europe and strengthened its commercial presence in Poland by setting up a plant in 2008.
A first step towards our European future.




Human development is at the core of our Human Resources policy

The recruitment of a person serves two objectives. The first is to enrich the skills available with the Group and the second is to encourage the professional development of the newcomer.
The development of the skills available with our staff members, which is the only guarantee for the innovative capacity of our group, forms an essential part of our plans.
Dialogue and listening are the means we prefer for giving scope to creativity and personal initiative.




RECTOR today trains several hundred persons per year for developing the skills of its staff membersn.
Training is a major and essential investment for our corporate development. It promotes the link between generations in the company and enhances the value addition to the RECTOR know-how.



A personalised professional career

The support provided by RECTOR is based on the same principle applied both to its customers and to its staff members: to counsel, to guide the person in the choices available to him and define the appropriate project together. Develop a lasting relation based on confidence so that each person can express his talents fully.
RECTOR proposes an open and evolutive career according to the desires and involvement of each person.



Progress together


  • Your first steps

On your arrival, RECTOR guides your first steps in the company by organising a personalised integration programme, adapted to your profession and its problems. This integration phase, specific to each trade provides you the support you need for taking charge of your new job.

This programme includes notably a two-day integration seminar at the Mulhouse headquarters of the company, where the structure, the trades and the functioning of the company are presented to you. Then, depending on your job profile, you will receive additional training regarding our products, the RECTOR know-how, our sales techniques, our information systems, our Quality; Safety and Environment processes...


  • Your growth

Beyond your integration programme, our training actions provide you with support throughout your career. So, our training programmes help you upgrade your skill levels adapting them to ongoing advances in the profession, develop new skills adapted to the needs of the company and even follow training courses leading to qualifications (Certificats de Qualification Professionnelle - Professional Qualification Certificates) or diplomas (Validations des Acquis de l'Expérience - Validation of Experience Acquired).

Depending on his involvement, his aspirations, capabilities and skills, each staff member has the possibility of progressing in the company. In fact, it is essential for RECTOR to develop and enrich the skills of each person.

In order to guarantee the collective performance and the professional development of each staff member, we have created a training catalogue that is updated continuously with good professional practices defined by RECTOR, in addition to training courses adapted to the trade of each person.

Our staff members can thus build their professional career based on the experience acquired and also benefit from opportunities of geographical and functional mobility that are offered to them.