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Non-insulated floor composed of prestressed concrete joists associated with concrete interjoists.


A range of prestressed joists of unequalled lightness...  

  • RS 110: joists of up to 5.00 m length weighing 15 kg per linear metre - 20% less than prestressed concrete joists available in the market (a 5.00 m joist weighs 75 kg).
  • RS/RSE 130: joists weighing 19 kg per linear metre that can bear all types of strain and go beyond the 5 m limit for erection without propping, with optimised floor thicknesses.

A range of interjoists optimised according to different criteria...

  • Sound insulation: for “mass law” installations. 
  • Optimisation of erection: TCI (Incorporated compression table) or TP (Partial Table).