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The RECTOSTEN floors


A complete range of insulating floors for satisfying the requirements of the thermal regulations.

The components:

  • Joists with RSE certification for erection without propping up to 5 m.
  • Rectosten interjoist: a complete range of interjoists with CSTBat
    certification available from Up 0.40 to 0.19.
  • Rectosten 23 GB: first usage of Th31 insulating material in interjoists.
  • Rectosten M1 raisers of 3 cm height, to be clipped on the interjoist
    for obtaining formwork heights of 15 or 18 cm.


 RECTOSTEN 23 GB floor

 Raiser to be clipped on the RECTOSTEN floor

 schema-rsn-1 Rectosten-rehausses



Regulatory context

zone-climatiqueAcceleration of thermal regulations

The Grenelle meeting on environment that was organised in 2007 has recommended that the evolution of regulations applicable to building construction should be accelerated.

Today, the building trade in France is preparing for a generalisation of BBC (Low Consumption Building) constructions.  

RECTOR mobilises for facing this challenge and offers its new range of insulating floors, the RECTOSTEN floors.

Insulate the envelope

Different means are available for reducing the energy consumption of a building, such as insulation of walls, ventilation and production of sanitary hot water...
Among these methods, an efficient insulation of floors can represent up to 10% savings in energy.