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RECTOR beams


RECTOR floor beams are intended for building the framework of structures or buildings with one or more levels using prefabricated columns and beams in prestressed concrete or reinforced concrete, associated with different floors.

The scope of application concerns more particularly buildings including floors and covers a wide range of end uses (public housing, offices, parking buildings, schools, hospitals…). These buildings are composed essentially of portal frames or cross walls using as cross members industrial beams supporting the floors.

The RECTOR structural elements are certificd by the French technical notice 3/01-352 issued by the CSTB (French organisation for building standards).


Rectangular beams

The rectangular beams are made of prestressed or reinforced concrete. Their dimensions are optimised according to the technical criteria of each building project (loads, spans, beam drops, FS, etc.)

IC Constant inertia beams

The IC constant inertia beams have an I-shaped profile and are made of prestressed concrete, with or without tie beam end piece.


The stringers are rectangular beams made of prestressed concrete or reinforced concrete; with or without rabbet. The formwork edge rabbet allows the assembly with a floor and eliminates the need for formwork.
Associated or not to a floor with underfloor space or to a slab, the stringers are intended for the girding of the building platform, with flanged length of 6 to 12 m.