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Tenement buildings

Rector offers you a range of comprehensive solutions allowing you to meet the specific needs involved in the construction of tenement buildings.

All RECTOR solutions are certified and guaranteed. They satisfy all your requirements: heat insulation, sound insulation, take up heavy loads, beam drops, minimised propping ...

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  • Elimination of load-bearing beams: shorter execution periods and improved safety
  • Optimisation of the floor in all possible configurations and in all directions without beam drop but with all the advantages of the floor plates

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  • Standard loads and spans for usual operating loads in dwellings
  • Treatment of thermal bridges for limiting energy losses

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  • Performance and weight optimised for long spans

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  • Possibility of installation with no or reduced propping
  • Integration of additional elements at the factory for easier implementation (insulant, formwork, reentrants)
  • Aesthetic smooth underside

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  • Fast implementation
  • Treatment of joints reduced
  • Time and cost saving

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