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We design, manufacture and market floor and frame products and systems for buildings. Today, we are able to offer you a complete range of eco-designed solutions capable of meeting your technical challenges while reducing the carbon impact of your projects.

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Single-family home

Single-family house project
Privileged partner of Individual Home Builders and leader in this market for nearly 70 years, Rector offers the most comprehensive range of prefabricated solutions : our innovative systems optimise the house from the substructure to the terrace roofs.
Thanks to the relevance of its prefabricated systems, Rector is responding to the three main challenges of sustainable construction :

  • Insulation and treatment of thermal bridges for each level of the house
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Taking into account summer comfort

Collective houses project

collective houses project
Our range of products including beams, precast slabs and walls can be used in all types of buildings including residential, commercial, government, office, retail , healthcare and education buildings.
The highly automated production process of its 15 factories which benefit from cutting-edge industrial technology and the integrated design offices allow Rector to provide efficient responses to structural, qualitative and environmental challenges of each of your projects.

All of our products and solutions are designed in an eco-responsible manner in order to reduce the carbon footprint and the completion time of the works on which they are installed.

Concrete framework building site

concrete framework building site
Rector concrete frame components are intended for the creation of frameworks of works by assembling the elements together, to other prefabricated elements or even to cast on site. Rector concrete frame components are an ideal response to the requirements of fire stability. The incombustible nature of the concrete material (MO), its low speed overheating make it by nature a particularly effective protection regarding fire safety.
The targeted field of employment concerns more particularly industrial type buildings, on one level, including the possible presence of a mezzanine (notably industrial halls, warehouses, hypermarkets, etc.) essentially composed of a set of associated poles to a roof beam.

Rector, a committed company!

Decarbonize our products and activities

We aim to put ranges of less carbon-intensive products on the market, and to develop and promote more virtuous construction methods.

Limit our impacts on the environment and protect biodiversity

Rector's objective is to move towards energy-independent production sites, “0 waste, 0 discharges”.

Promoting well-being at work

We are committed to acting as a responsible employer, through a caring human resources policy.

Anchor our activities in our territories

Promote short circuits, local actions, participate in the development of ecosystems and local solutions.

Rector, leader in low carbon solutions for buildings

Industrial specialist in the prefabrication of prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete floor elements, walls and structural elements, we design, manufacture and market systems and products intended for building professionals. Created in 1953, today there are nearly 7 million people “carried” by Rector manufacturing floors. Aware of the environmental, social and societal challenges that we all face, we put CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of our strategy to provide innovative, sustainable and long-term solutions to our customers. Our goal is to create sustainable value for generations to come.