Our history

The history of Rector begins in 1953, with the creation of the company Rector S.A in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
For almost 70 years, we have recorded a steady expansion of our activity. Driven by the success of our flagship product, the prestressed concrete beam, the company has become one of the major players in the field of prefabricated concrete products for buildings. Our range is therefore a real success: today, more than 7 million people are “carried” by our floors.


Our areas of HR development

formation employee

Support, training of our employees

Beyond the personalized integration course upon their arrival, we offer ongoing internal training to all of our employees. To do this, we have developed a digital training platform. We wish to use this tool to promote learning in complete autonomy and during working hours. Accessible 7 days a week, modules sorted by theme and level of improvement are made available to everyone. Furthermore, we have a team dedicated to training which supports our employees in the definition and realization of their professional goals through certified or non-certified training, both in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills.

Working conditions

In order to be as close as possible to the needs and expectations of our employees, we conduct every year a satisfaction survey for all staff members. We therefore wish to engage in an established and structured process of regular listening to improve the quality of life at work. Furthermore, we have signed an agreement giving employees, whose role lends itself to it, the possibility of working from home up to 3 days per week for full-time positions.


health and Security

Health and security

The safety of all our employees is our top priority, and although our indicators now position us as a benchmark player in this area in our sector, it is our duty to continue our efforts. We strive every day to engage in a process of continuous improvement and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

wage policy rector

Wage policy

We advocate fair remuneration for our employees. For many years, we have adopted an attractive and competitive salary policy with the implementation, for example, of a profit-sharing agreement. Rector has been able to change the remuneration of its employees, by establishing a minimum of 13.24 months’ salary for 35 hours/week.

Gender equality

The value of the gender equality index within our company for the year 2022 is 75/100. This result for 2022 demonstrates that our efforts and our salary policy tend to reduce the gaps between women and men. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant and continue to affirm our commitment to professional equality.